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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage has the potential to destroy or weaken the structure of a home or building fast unless you take immediate action. The cleanup is only one step in the process. Having removed the standing water from the floors, walls and ceiling. The next step is to discard anything that can’t be salvaged such as wet boxes, pressed wood furniture and some clothing. Remember to always make a list and take pictures of anything that can’t be saved for your insurance claim. After we have determined that all the water is removed with the help of our meters and cameras we can begin the drying process. Were able to determine what part of the house structure needs the most drying attention.

Common causes of Water Damage

  • Plumbing accidents: Busted pipes or backed up sewage can lead to flooding and unsanitary water buildup. When this occurs, it’s important to call us immediately so that we can help remove the water and clean up the damaged area.
  • Broken Appliances: One of the most common causes of water damage in the home are from leaking appliances. Whether it is your washer and dryer or your refrigerator, when you suffer water damage from a broken appliance, call JustFloods for emergency water removal.
  • Common Leaks: Florida weather can be devastating to homes and offices. With hurricanes and thunderstorms constantly pounding your roof there is always the possibility that you could suffer leaks. When you suffer a leak, it’s important that you act quickly to minimize the risk of more costly and severe damage.

Water Removal Restoration

After you experience water damage, you have to quickly stop the water source, and then start removing all excess water. The longer standing water is left, the more damage it will cause to your home or business.
Our water removal professionals are available 24/7 for immediate service and have over 25 years of water removal experience. After calling our team, we will arrive within 30 minutes to begin the water extraction process.
First, when our professional water technicians arrive at your home or business, they will begin by assessing the current water damage. If the water source is still flooding into your home or office, we will attempt to stop the source.
Once the water damage is controlled, our professionals will begin the water extraction process to remove all the standing water in the damaged area. Just Floods is armed with the most powerful water removal machines in the industry and extraction equipped vehicles. Our team will have your home or office back to a safe and dry state in no time.

30 Minute Arrival Water Damage

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Moisture is the enemy of the structure in Florida. Water damage is always the leading loss in homeowner claims. The home wasn’t designed to have water in the wall cavities or behind the sheetrock. Professional water extraction companies have the drying equipment not readily available to most contractors that can dry any area of the house such as under kitchen cabinets, beneath wet carpets and wood floors. Dehumidifiers can also dry personal properties like furniture and family photos. We will place a combination of dehumidifiers and air movers to start bringing the humidity level back to the correct levels.
The home occupant should always take caution with electrical outlets that has had water damage nearby.

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