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Tile and Grout Cleaning


When water damage occurs, whatever the reason (fire damage, storm damage, water main backups to name a few), tile and grout deceptively appear to be unaffected by the fallout of the crisis. But nothing could be further from the truth. Bacteria and viruses from water-related events can seep into porous grout and lie on the tile surface. If grouting is darkish before water damage has occurred, the problem of built-up layers of contaminates is already present and worsening. This said, part of water damage cleanup involves tile and grout cleaning.


Tile and grout cleaners are necessary because only these technicians can perform the hard task of cleaning tile and grout. Mopping and scrubbing, using consumer-grade products, are ineffective techniques to destroy contaminants. It takes specifically-designed equipment for tile and grout to successfully clean and decontaminate them. Hot water extraction at temperatures above 200 degrees and non-abrasive products are the methods used to perform tile and grout cleaning.