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Sewage Water Cleanup

The torrential rains of winter can wreak havoc with terrain-altering mudslides, felled trees plowing into roofs of homes, and sewage backups caused by the merciless overflow of raging waters coursing down streets and streaming into homes, carrying with it microorganisms, creating health risks.

Sewage and sewage water need to be removed immediately, and only highly-trained sewage and sewage water cleanup professionals can perform sewage and water remediation. They possess the techniques and equipment to remove sewage and sewage water, and the mud that accompanies it.

As part of their work, they will pick up and transfer permeable items to the proper site for safety. Such items may include furniture, carpeting, padding, bedding items (comforters, pillows, and mattresses) that have been saturated with sewage water.

Sewage CleanupOnce sewage-affected items have been rid of, they will use water extractors to remove sewage water, and air movers to circulate moist air, so dehumidifiers can evaporate the moist air and avoid proliferation of mold, especially black mold, injurious to health.

When dealing with sewage water, sewage cleanup professionals use different techniques, according to what type of sewage water they are working with. Sewage water is not all the same and it falls into three categories: clean, gray, and black water.

Clean water is not harmful to human health. Gray water, though contaminated, does not do serious harm to human health. But black water is the one that is often contaminated with lethal microorganisms.

For hard surfaces such as tiled and hardwood floors, workers use microbial and bioside green products to completely sanitize and disinfect areas that have been contaminated by sewage and sewage water. Green products have been certified according to health and safety standards of the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries’ organization, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

The final step after every surface has been entirely dried-out is to clean, disinfect, and deodorize. Sewage water cleanup specialists do this to eradicate harmful-to-health bacteria, fungi, and additional viruses, so homeowners can safely live in their homes.


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