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Carpet Restoration

The average homeowner spends about $1,500 to install carpet into their home. Thus, when carpet is damaged due to flooding, leaky ceilings, or other water accidents, you must call Just Floods right away. Our carpet restoration service is essential to removing water damage and salvaging your carpet investment.

We have over 25 years of experience with water damage and have the knowledge and equipment to remove and restore your carpet. We know that replacing that carpet could be a major, unnecessary expense and we will do everything in our power to restore the carpet.

When it comes to carpet restoration, every second counts. In order to have the best chance to salvage your carpet and restore it back to normal, you need to call Just Floods as soon as you see the water damage. We are available anytime of the day, and have a 30 minute response time.

The Carpet Restoration Processcarpet_water_damage_01

Unfortunately, we will not be able to restore the damaged carpet every time. Depending on how severe the water damage is, and how long it has set will determine how likely we are able to restore the carpet or rug. This means that if you want the best chance at restoring your carpet, you should call Just Floods at (888) 315-3011 as quickly as possible when there is water damage.

The longer you let the water sit in the carpet, even if you have eliminated most of the standing water, the more damage is done. Water can wreak havoc on carpet fibers, so having our water damage technicians on the scene to assess and assist in removing and restoring the carpet is crucial.

Aside from time, the type of water that is involved can also affect the severity of damage to the carpet. If the damage is caused by sewage or rainwater, there is a chance that it has been contaminated with dangerous bacteria. If exposed to this dangerous water, there is a chance that you could suffer severe illness or even death. Thus, it is important to call a qualified professional like Just Floods, who has experience and training to work in that potentially hazardous environment. If this contamination does occur, it might be better to remove the carpet altogether, to avoid the potential risks. Safety is the most important thing, so if our water damage experts find it too dangerous to restore the carpet, we will recommend removal.

Replacing carpet is an expensive overhaul and often times, unnecessary. Just Floods will make every attempt to save and restore your carpet. After you call at (888) 315-3011, our expert water damage technicians will arrive within 30 minutes to assess the situation. They will then remove all standing water and initiate vacuums and fans to help clean and dry the area. It is vital that we do this as quickly as possible, because mold and bacteria can grow within 24-48 hours unless water is cleaned properly from carpet. Carpet acts like a sponge and it will contain the moisture if not removed.

water-damage-restorationAfter we have used our professional extraction machines to remove excess water and dry the surface area, we will then use our dehumidifiers to eliminate harmful moisture in the air. This will help avoid mold or bacteria buildup. Additionally, we will use anti-microbial spray to aide in the prevention of bacteria growth. Time is critical in the prevention of mold and mildew, so the quicker we can clean and treat the carpet, the more likely it is that we will be able to restore it.

Just Floods specializes in carpet restoration. When your carpet is affected by water damage, do not hesitate to call at (888) 315-3011. Our water damage experts are always available to answer your call and we will be at your residence within 30 minutes to assess and start the carpet restoration process.

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