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Residential Restoration

Several sources of water overflow can create a crisis in the home whether it be a flood from heavy rains, a sewage backup, or toilet overflow. The homeowner needs a quick response from a residential restoration company that specializes in residential cleaning services.

It’s not just the extraction of contaminated water that needs to be done, but the decontamination of areas affected by contaminated water, whatever the source of the contaminated water may be. If left untreated, microorganisms and other viruses within the water can wreak havoc on human health.

Water damage restoration professionals will expertly extract the contaminated water, using equipment best suited to the volume of water and where it has spread within the home. As a vital part of the restoration process once the extraction process is finished, they will also decontaminate, disinfect, and sanitize the plagued areas.

The homeowner should understand not all water is contaminated water, but can become contaminated if quick action is not taken. Water is categorized according to its effect on human health: these categories are water that is either clean, gray, or black.

Clean Water

Clean water emanates from clean water sources: a broken main, or a faucet that has been leaking. This is the good news. But good news can turn into bad news if clean water is not treated immediately. This is because clean water can develop into gray water, or even black water sooner than later. The contamination can come from contact with nearby contaminated areas.

Gray Water

Gray water is contaminated and can be harmful to human health but on a less dangerous scale. Causes of gray water can include a washing machine that has overflowed; urine-containing water from a toilet overflow; or a dishwasher that has overflowed. Microorganisms and viruses may be lurking within these gray-water overflows. If not treated, gray water can escalate in no time to black water.

Black Water

Black water is the most dangerous water of all and can be lethal to human health, especially if it is drunk. Sources of black water can be contaminated river and stream water, or water containing fecal matter such as found in toilet bowl water. Standing water also has the potential to develop into black water when microorganisms begin to form.

Whether water is clean, gray, or black, residential restoration workers will use industry equipment that is highly-effective in doing the job of remediating flood, overflow and standing water.


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