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Mold Inspection

Whatever type of water damage a home or business has sustained, water damage can lead to mold in as short a time as 48 hours. When a homeowner or business contacts a water damage company that specializes in mold inspection and removal, they will ask questions such as: what kind of water damage exists (a slow leak, an overflowing toilet, standing water, or major flooding).

The potential for mold growth goes beyond immediate concerns of cleaning up the water. Water that contains microorganisms will eventually permeate the air, or land on surfaces such as carpets, walls, ceilings, and any other items which have absorbed water, especially sewage water.

Mold InspectionOnce on the premises and after water damage extraction has taken place, inspection professionals will take a look at the water damage, and make a preliminary evaluation as to what kind of mold they may be dealing with. Only the lab where they send the samples collected can make a scientific determination as to precisely what kind of mold spores are present.

The second stage of mold inspection involves the use of a moisture meter and a leak detector to assess moisture levels. Next, collection of mold spores begins, using two standard types of collection: air sampling and surface sampling.

Once the lab has the scientific testing results of mold spores, which the water damage mold inspector receives, they will generate a report to include recommendations for treating the mold.

The purpose of an inspection is to find out what kind of mold growth is present, which can range from benign to more serious mold growth that can be injurious to human health. With extreme mold growth, it can cause more severe types of illness and in some cases death.

Health conditions from mild mold growth can cause allergies, while other types of mold carry toxic mycotoxins that can enter nasal passages as well as the throat or lungs. If skin is exposed to toxic mycotoxins by contact, that is another risk to human health.

This is why it is important a mold inspection company be brought in to evaluate mold growth, test for mold type, and remedy it.

Just Floods uses state-of-the-art-technology to thoroughly inspect any instance of suspected mold activity. Infrared cameras and moisture meters are used to accurately assess your indoor air quality and the structural composition of your home or office.

Thermal Mold InspectionA visual inspection of the affected area is not enough. It is imperative that you have a certified mold remediation professional conduct a complete environmental inspection. Just Floods will collect air and surface samples in all potentially threatened areas and send them to an independent laboratory for analysis. A detailed report by an accredited mold testing laboratory will reveal any type of mold that is present in your air.

Upon the initial inspection if mold is found the process of cleanup and removal will begin immediately. Once the test results are returned you will receive a detailed report of the findings and recommendations of how to proceed if there are further health concerns. After the mold remediation process, we conduct a complete re-evaluation to ensure the indoor quality of air has been returned to normal. A clearance test will be conducted to guarantee all mold has been eradicated and any risks to your health have been avoided.

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