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You may think that the house is safe from mold growth now that repairs are finished on the area of the roof leaking water, but this is not always the case. In fact, mold can develop on the ceiling at the site of the water damage even months after the completion of roof repairs since moisture is still present. Mold is a natural occurrence and reproduces through microscopic spores that are in the air both inside and outside the home. They travel through the air, on your clothes, and even on your pets only to land in various places in your home. When the area is moist and provides a food source, the mold will begin to spread quickly within just twenty-four to thirty-six hours. The growth will continue until you hire professional, licensed mold removal services to address the problem.

Reasons that Water Leaks and Flooding Occurs in a Home

1. Plumbing that contains cracks and improper joint seals is one of the causes for water leaks in the house. Whereas some pipes are easy to inspect such as the ones under your sinks, other ones are inside your walls, floors, and ceilings. If these hidden pipes leak, you will be unaware of the problem until water soaks through the drywall or subfloors. Freezing temperatures cause pipes to break if they have improper insulation. Aging and clogs are other reasons for cracks and leaks to happen.

2. Appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, and even dishwashers will leak water if a malfunction occurs. In addition, the AC system has a drain pipe that can cause ceiling damage if it leaks similar to the damage from the roof leaking water.

3. Improper grading of your property causes rainwater to pool in areas near the house instead of flowing away from the home. When this occurs, the water can seep into the house through cracks and openings.

4. Toilets overflow when their drainage system clogs with an excess of toilet paper or items unsuitable for flushing.

5. Sewer backups happen when the main drain pipe in the yard breaks or clogs. At times, tree roots can grow through the walls of the sewer main and cause these issues to happen. Age is another factor.

6. Cracks in the foundations allow water to seep into the basement. Foundations develop cracks when the house settles, through the absorption of moisture and other causes. Mold will easily grow in this moisture and need special mold removal techniques to eradicate it.

7. Storms of various strengths will often bring heavy rains and this can lead to the house flooding. Tornadoes and hurricanes are the worst of these storms.

Facts about Mold Growth

Growth of mold occurs in just twenty-four to thirty-six hours when the following conditions are present within your house:

• Moisture
• Temperatures above freezing
• Oxygen
• Source of food such as drywall and wood
• Absence of light

You cannot control all of these factors, but you can eliminate moisture from unwanted places. Mold will not be able to thrive without a source of water.

How to Remove Mold

You can attempt to perform mold removal on your own with various effective solutions such as bleach, vinegar, or borax and water. Borax and vinegar are safe for any surfaces and materials, but bleach will remove color, so you should use it only on non-porous or porous materials that will retain their color. On top of washing the affected materials with these solutions, you need to separate them from unaffected materials to prevent further mold growth. If the mold infestation is too severe, you will need the assistance of a licensed mold removal company.

How to Prevent Mold

The easiest way a homeowner can prevent mold growth is to eliminate all moisture issues. You need to keep the plumbing in ideal condition, the roof leak-free and the foundation free of cracks for three of the most common issues. When you control the humidity and moisture levels in your house, you drastically reduce the risk of mold.

What Services Our Professional Mold Removal Company Provides

Luckily, you can always turn to our eighteen years of experience in the water damage industry to solve your mold issues. What services does our professional, licensed mold removal company provide you? We will come identify whether you have a roof leaking water or if there is another issue causing the excess moisture in your house where the mold is growing. Our experts will then isolate the area, remove the mold and excess moisture, dry the area and repair all the damage. We guarantee quality work. In fact, we are the best company to turn to in the South Florida area!