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The first thing you think of when your hear the words flooded house is a hurricane or tropical storm. That is only a small percentage of how a house get flooded. The main reason according to insurance studies is due to plumbing failures which include ruptured copper or PVC pipes. Hot water heaters fail due to age as well as toilet lines and kitchen appliances. You may have a leaking roof that needs to be replaced and if that is the case do it soon because a heavy rain will penetrate the wood and insulation. Most often a water damage restoration company will respond to a home owner with a flooded house or condo once every 13 years according to surveys.

housefloodingA flooded house will receive $18,000 of damage on average according to a 2010 study. You can help lessen your chance of a water damage by turning off your hot water heater and toilet valve when away on vacation. Also change your washing machine hose when it becomes brittle. Don’t let a $3 rubber washer cause thousands of dollars worth of flood damage to your home. Hopefully you won’t experience one foot of water in your house, but if you do call a water damage company that can extract the water out of your house in minutes instead of hours.

For best results in a home with extensive water damage you should remove the sheet rock 1 foot above the water marks on the wall. You will need air scrubbers and dehumidifiers installed in strategic positions to keep the damage from spreading to areas of the house that wasn’t affected. Leave this type of work to a professional contractor.

A house that has become wet due to a water damage generally receives the majority of damage in the walls as well as the flooring including carpets and rugs. Kitchen cabinets, fixed wall units, ceilings and the list goes on to the damage that can occur. Getting the water and high humidity out of your house is a must. Even in the event that you only have wet carpets in two rooms from a minor sink over flow, remove the water immediately then have air movers and any necessary drying equipment installed. This will prevent a small problem from becoming a large one. Whether you live in a single family home,condo or apartment any type of water intrusion has to be dealt with in rapid time to prevent mildew and odors from forming. Thanks for calling Just Floods your local house flood company.

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