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We’ve seen firsthand the damage that water and mold can cause to homes and condominiums. We understand the stress and anxiety that discovering water and mold damage can sometimes bring homeowners, which is why we proudly offer a wide range of services to help restore your home to it’s former beauty.

It’s Not Too Late

Discovering water damage & mold growing on walls in your home or shed is never pleasant. But there’s no need to panic as a wide variety of expert remedial techniques are now available to remove mold growing on wall.

Our teams will work to quickly remove excessive water buildup, use advanced infrared technology to locate and eradicate moisture that can potentially lead to mold growth on your walls. We are ready to restore your basement to a dry and healthy, habitable living space for you to continue to enjoy for years.

The Lurking Danger of Water Damage

While flooding from storms and adverse weather events is an omnipresent threat in some areas, all homeowners should be wary of water damage from other sources as well. A clogged toilet that overflows, a sewer backup, the catastrophic failure of a water heater or a washing machine breaking down can all cause devastation to floors, walls, furniture and other property.

Unfortunately, small leaks and slow-spreading water spots can end up costing homeowners more than quick floods. By slowly seeping into the infrastructure, walls and load bearing structures can have their stability compromised. Furthermore, persistent water leaks can incubate virulent strains of mold and mildew.

Wild Weather

You only have to look out of your window to know that the weather is always changing, and you never know when the next big storm is going to hit. Prudent homeowners know it’s best to perform mold removal and waterproof their basements, cellars, bunkers, shelters and other underground structures before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Whether as a result of a hurricane, tropical storm, downpour, plumbing mishap, extended rain event or other inundation incident, houses and condos can get flooded in an instant. Precious items of value, both financial and sentimental, are at risk of being damaged or destroyed. It’s important to call a professional team of water extraction experts to quickly and safely work to combat flood damage or perform mold removal.

Certified Mold Remediation

Civil health officials know that mold and other fungi can pose a serious risk to pets and humans. It is always recommended that certified mold remediation technicians perform the desiccation and destruction of molds, spores and mildews.

All of our certified mold remediation teams are trained in the application and operation of the appropriate technology to deliver guaranteed mold removal for homeowners and property managers.

Carpets and Drywall

We regret to inform homeowners that there is currently no treatment available for moldy or spoiled drywall. Our experts, however, are standing by to help homeowners quickly remove and replace drywall.

Larger rugs and carpets, particularly wall-to-wall or embedded carpet, is the first in line when water damage strikes a basement, cellar or other underground habitat. Gravitational pressures drive water damage into the carpet. Even after water is extracted, carpets and rugs can still remain damp and moist. Wet carpets can easily incubate virulent strains of mildews and molds. Left unchecked, spores can spread outward and contaminate other rooms and levels of the house.

Deadly Fungi

Health scientists warn that certain black molds if allowed to grow uninhibited, could become deadly if inhaled even at low volumes. Damp and wet areas of the home can become breeding grounds for a whole cocktail of virulent molds and fungi. Mildew and related molds can cause irritation of the throat, inflammation of the sinus tract and even serious pulmonary distress.

Our expert teams are standing by with the latest in heating and drying technology. Even the deadliest spores require water to reproduce, which is why it is so important to remove the problem at its source. Once your basement, cellar, utility room or other underground structure is thoroughly dry, mold desiccation and eradication can begin.

Protect Your Home

Our team of expert hydration removal and moisture extraction professionals are ready to work with homeowners to dehydrate and seal basements, cellars and other underground living spaces before water damage and mold can strike. In these uncertain economic times, it’s important to protect your property by waterproofing and moisture sealing your basement, cellar or underground storage area.

For 18 years, we’ve proudly served our customers in South Florida to help prevent or repair water damage, destruction from floods and inundations, and desiccate and destroy potentially deadly molds, mildews and spores.