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Daytona Beach Emergency Water Damage

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Daytona Beach Emergency Water Damage

Emergency water damage can quickly turn into a costly incident. It doesn’t take long for the water damage to build up and start deteriorating the structure of your home or office building. If structural elements are compromised the cost of repairs could be monumental. Thus, it is important for you to quickly resolve any water damage. This starts by finding a professional like Just Floods to begin the emergency water damage restoration process. Our local experts are positioned throughout the Daytona Beach area to respond to your emergency within 30 minutes.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. It is also surrounded by two large bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River. This makes Daytona Beach susceptible to emergency water damage from these natural waters, in addition to the normal leaky pipe or malfunctioning appliance. Not only does Daytona Beach bare the risk of water damage from marinas, but the humidity and warm climate of Central Florida can amplify the destruction when water damage occurs. These dangers make it important that you take immediate action to resolve emergency water damage. Every second counts and if you want to keep the damage to a minimum, you should call Daytona Beach’s most trusted emergency water damage company, Just Floods, at (386) 951-5584.

Daytona Beach Emergency Water Damage

Emergency water damage can destroy your home or office building. If the water soaks into the carpet, flooring, walls, or furniture, then there is a good possibility that they will need to be replaced. The first step in handling water damage, is to remove the excess water. Standing water can make its way into every corner of the room, causing destruction along the way. Take control of your situation and hire a reliable service like Just Floods to mitigate the water damage. With over 25 years of experience serving the Daytona Beach area, you should feel safe in your decision to call Just Floods at (386) 951-5584. Our team is working 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to call anytime.

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Dangers of Water Damage

House floodingEmergency water damage needs to be addressed in a swift and safe manner. Water damage can cause expensive repairs to your home or business. Even worse, if the water is not removed and area restored properly, it could lead to bacteria growth that can cause severe health issues to you, your family, or employees. Emergency water damage should not be taken lightly. Water damage can lead to:

  • Severe damage to flooring, ceiling, adjacent walls, and other structural elements
  • Exposure to sewage and other harmful waste
  • Mold and mildew growth even after the water is removed
  • Destruction of irreplaceable personal belongings

Just Floods’ Emergency Water Damage Services

Emergency water damage requires a meticulous process that will eliminate the water source, remove excess water, assess the damage, and work to resolve and safely restore the area. This process requires expert knowledge and industrial equipment. These two requirements are not easy to come by, but it is what we hang our hats on at Just Floods. Our 25 years of experience means that we have handled situations very similar to yours hundreds of times already. Our local experts are also equipped with the most high-tech equipment in the industry. Our trucks have powerful extraction equipment to remove the excess water, our technicians have air-movers and dryers to secure the area, and they have mold testing equipment to guarantee that the area is safe.

At Just Floods we are proud of our capabilities, but we are even more proud of our customer service. When you call Just Floods at (386) 951-5584 to resolve your emergency water damage we guarantee that you will:

  • Be answered 24 hours a day
  • Have a local expert at your home or office building within 30 minutes
  • Receive a professional assessment and immediate solution
  • Not have to deal with any billing issues

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