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Contents Cleaning & Restoration

Contents cleaning is one of many services offered at Just Floods. Following massive flooding of a home or workplace, and once water extraction has occurred, content recovery and restoration professionals take over and inventory every item, tracing them as they pass through the cleaning, restoration, and storage process.

Our customers for content cleaning include homeowners, institutions, medical centers, garment, retail, and hospitality industries, warehouses, small- and mid-size businesses, and corporations among many.

Some of the items content cleaners work with to restore include draperies and curtains, furniture, statuettes, and other tchotchkes. For items such as electronics, equipment, and art pieces, which need special handling, they are housed in a climate-controlled environment until the home or work space is clean, deodorized and sanitized, ready to receive back personal possessions and work-related items.

Our professionals make sure to use cleaning methods appropriate for a particular item, our content restoration technicians also deodorize and sanitize it, ridding the item of sometimes dangerous microorganisms like black mold, a great risk to human health.

Just Floods offers many affordable solutions tailored to a customer’s budget, and the handling of their treasured items is done according to their wishes, using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment, adhering to industry standards and best practices.



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