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Business Flood


In most cases when we do flood cleanup in an office building, store or hotel there’s a lot of labor involved in moving desks, computers and other office furniture. Often times we find the source of the water damage to be a fire sprinkler, a large air conditioning pipe burst or there is storm damage witch can leave thousands of gallons of standing water to be extracted. Generally, when we respond to a flooded commercial job we dispatch three trucks and a crew of nine to asses your needs and get setup quickly. To get the facility up and running as fast as possible we put all contents up on plastic blocks to prevent their further damage and to promote easy air flow for the drying equipment, after removing the standing water.

water-damage-restoration2Most often, offices that have wet carpet can be fully dried in two days. One big challenge with trying to dry out large areas is the lack of electric outlets that are necessary for rapid drying time. Larger businesses that experience a flood can’t shut down their operation for long. We can generally get them back on line the next day if not sooner. The first day there may be a lot of noise and cords from the large amount of drying equipment but we can decrease the dehumidifiers and air movers after the first 24 hours. We are prepared to handle any business or commercial flood with as many trained water damage technicians as the job requires and will arrive at the job site within 30 minutes 24/7. We have plumbers on call as well. Ask about our list of satisfied clients that we have dried out over the past twenty years of being in business. We are happy to provide references to help set your mind at ease.


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