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Black Mold Removal

There are places in the home where black mold can be easily detected, for example window panes and sills. But there are also invisible areas where conditions are optimal for black mold growth due to concealed water sources. The toxicity of some black mold growth can lead to health problems, so the moment black mold is discovered is when a black mold removal contractor should be contacted.

To give an idea of the standard procedures followed by the experts the following information outlines the basics on the process of black mold remediation.

Inspection and Evaluation

An inspection will be carried out to find where black mold is growing. This entails using industry technologies to determine the level of black mold growth and how widespread it is. If it is prevalent, your HVAC duct system may also need treatment for black mold spores.


Before performing black mold containment, professionals will don personal protective equipment (PPE). Then they go to work using a combination of physical separators and negative air pressure to halt black mold spores from proliferating while cleanup is in progress. Also, as a preventive measure, the HVAC system will be shut down to avoid re-contaminating mold areas.


During black mold removal, the use of HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers trap mold spores and remove them, helping to stop mold from colonizing.


Among the many remediation treatment processes for mold removal, antifungal and antimicrobial agents are applied to eradicate mold populations and their reoccurrence. In addition, if any permeable materials such as carpeting and drywall contain mold spores, they need to be removed and discarded, for successful remediation of massive black mold proliferation.


Cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing household items including furniture, draperies, articles of clothing and any other mold-infected possessions is the final step in which workers use an arsenal of cleaning methods to do all of the above.

The Aftermath

In the worst-case scenario in which black mold has caused major damage to drywall, carpeting, and rough flooring, restoration may be minimal (meaning replacement) to large-scale, in which reconstruction may need to be done in some areas. This is why it is vital a black mold removal contractor be called immediately after the event.

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