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Biohazard Cleaning

If your house or business has suffered the results of water damage due to heavy rains, toilet overflows, or sewage backups, the immediate course of action, besides getting a water extraction service to remove the water, is to also contact a biohazard cleaning company to come do a biohazard cleanup.

Cleanup is necessary because contaminants in the water can land on hard and soft surfaces and create the conditions for microorganisms to grow, creating an unsafe environment. Even if water is clean, it still has the potential to quickly become a breeding ground for mold spores to develop. At the gray water stage, the microorganisms have created a health issue. By the time water has turned black, it definitely imperils human health.

Biohazard CleaningOur Biohazard technicians wear personal protective equipment to do the cleaning up of sewage wastes, sewage-infected water, and urine- and feces-tainted water. And they will, as highly-skilled experts, pick up biohazard materials, seal, and dispose of them according to OSHA and industry best practices and regulations.

Biohazard cleaning services are a vital component of water damage remediation to return the contaminated environment to a decontaminated, clean, and safe home or workplace.

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