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Emergency water service companies that handle flood damage have trained and highly skilled professionals on site who are prepared for any scenario regardless of the severity of the structural damage to your home. Whether your property is suffering from a water leak in a certain area or your entire home interior flooded the objective is to remove the water efficiently and begin the process of structural restoration to make the building safe enough to occupy.

Professional cleanup requires a broad range of skills and the expertise of seasoned technicians who know how to navigate through a structurally compromised home. Due to the dangers and inherent risks associated with water removal, homeowners should never attempt this task. The only viable option is to enlist the help of certified, reputable water removal specialists.

The Effects of Water Damage

It’s a natural to assume that when a home is flooded, it just needs time to dry out and everything will return to normal. Water, however, is a destructive natural element that produces both immediate damage and long-term deterioration to your home’s infrastructure. It creates a hazardous environment that grows progressively worse over time. This steady decline is largely unobservable because it occurs within the walls, in the attic space, and underneath the flooring. By the time you discover there’s a problem, the following may have already occurred.

  • Dry Rot. The wood used in building your home’s is seasoned and sturdy. A flood, however, will weaken the frame and compromise the building’s stability.
  • Mold. Mold creeps through your home in a stealth-like manner forming a blanket along the inner walls and the subflooring. It thrives in areas where moisture and humidity are present. It can multiply at an accelerated rate and surround your house before you even know it’s there. Mold causes wood deterioration and can lead to respiratory problems.
  • Cracking. You will gradually begin to notice cracks in the walls, ceiling, and floorboards throughout the interior. The cracks will become more pronounced as the foundation shifts, and the framework becomes increasingly unstable.
  • Windows & Doors. All doors and windows do not shut properly. In some cases, they will not shut at all. The garage door will no longer close flush to the ground.

The Three Most Common Causes of Water Damage

Water can invade a house and cover the entire floor in minutes. Granted, that usually happens as a result of a natural disaster. But even in low-lying areas such as Delray Beach and Miami, flooding can occur as a result of internal defects as well outside weather conditions. What are the most common causes?

  • Plumbing Damage. Your plumbing system is a network of connected pipes, joints, and fixtures. With all those connections something will go awry eventually. Busted pipes, loose joints, or a backed up mainline can lead to leaks or flooding which will get progressively worse if not repaired.
  • Appliances. Most of the appliances in your home utilize water. Refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, and water heaters can drip incessantly.
  • Storm Leaks. Rain can trickle into your home and find it’s way through a crack in roof decking, through the insulation, and into the walls and ceiling. If your home sits low to the ground, it can also penetrate the foundation or come through the doors and windows.

Why Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company is the Best Option

Although it’s tempting to fix water damage yourself, it’s not a wise choice.  Here’s Why:

Safety & Health

If a massive flood flows through your home, two things happen. First, the structural integrity of your home is instantly compromised. Second, the water is filled with harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic material that can affect your health or cause injury. If the water is still standing after several hours or days, there’s no way of knowing what’s in it. Water removal specialists have the skill and equipment necessary to remove the water safely without injury or exposure to whatever is in the water. There’s no need to put yourself or anyone else at risk when you can seek the aid of experienced water removal professionals.

Fast, Efficient Work

Water removal is a time-sensitive task that must be executed without delay. The condition of your home grows progressively worse in a short period once the flood strikes. The water must be removed before it permanently damages the internal structure. Plumbing and electrical systems must be inspected. The wood frame and flooring have to be treated, and everything must be dried fast.

This requires the experience of a certified, reputable water removal company that can complete the job in a fraction of the time it takes for a homeowner to do it. A response team can arrive on-site with all the tools and equipment necessary to go to work right away. They know the proper procedure for extracting the water and restoring the home. An entire team can complete the project within hours to save the property from further damage.

The Right Tools

While shop vacs, bathroom towels, Clorox, and open windows may seem like an effective method for flood cleanup, they neither treat the wood below the surface nor create an arid room that allows moisture to evaporate. In the end, the homeowner wastes time and energy only to get less than satisfactory results.

All equipment and tools used to remove water are specially designed to meet or exceed the highest industry standards when restoring a home after a flood. This includes the time it takes to complete the project. For example, air-moving machines can push 100 cubic feet of air around you home in just 60 seconds. By circulating the air, the machine speeds up evaporation time. An industrial grade dehumidifier does the same thing with water. It can extract 50+ gallons of water out of any building. Large-scale equipment likes the above mentioned can do the work of 10 people but at a faster rate.


While this may not seem like a compelling reason to hire a professional water removal company, the alternative is, well, doing it yourself. Nothing is more encouraging, however than seeing an entire staff piling out of work vehicles for the purpose of saving your home. By working in teams, water removal companies have the capacity to take on the most challenging jobs and finish them in record time. If the 48-hour window presents a monumental challenge for a solo cleanup effort, additional help is the way to go if you want your house to survive that initial period before the onslaught mold, spores, and fungi take over your home.